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Cable Roller

Cable roller that can fit up to 90mm cables and they are designed to guide and protect cables when laying them on site.


Code: 230191
Manufacturer: TWS
Manufacturer Product Code: SLR1
Capacity: Up to 90mm cables

Safety key

Protective Clothing
Protective Clothing

Protective overalls are invaluable to protect your body from heat, sparks, chemicals and any debris that may be encountered during work.

Protective Gloves
Protective Gloves

A variety of gauntlets, PVC, cotton and rigger gloves recommended to provide essential hand protection

Safety Helmet
Safety Helmet

Standard helmets and bump caps are required where protection against falling objects and overhead obstructions is compulsory on site.

Weekly £9.50
4 week £7.50p/w
* 4 week rate must be agreed at time of hire

Order Now for the weekend and return by Monday 10am and only pay for 1 day

Order Now and return by Monday 10am and only pay for 1 day

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