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Upright Trench Rammer (4 Stroke)

This upright trench rammer is ideal for compacting soil in restricted spaces as well as around pole. They can also be used to compact sand and gravel and are easy to manoeuver and operate.


Code: 090051
Manufacturer: Dynapac
Manufacturer Product Code: LT5000
Width: 150mm Plate Width
Weight: 60kg
Fuel: Petrol
Performance: 10kN Force

Safety key

Ear Protection
Ear Protection

This symbol suggests the wearing of earplugs for short term use and more durable ear defenders to guard against more oppressive noise levels.

Safety Footwear
Safety Footwear

For essential toe protection, specific reinforced footwear designed to BSEN345 is recommended.

1 day £42.00
Extra day £18.50
Weekly £79.00
4 week £63.00p/w
* 4 week rate must be agreed at time of hire

Order Now for the weekend and return by Monday 10am and only pay for 1 day

Order Now and return by Monday 10am and only pay for 1 day

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