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Thermal Imaging Camera Hire

Code: 295010
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Genny Transmitter for use with CAT4+
Level Laser Visible
Laser Measure Professional
Measuring Wheel
Duct Rod
Gas Detection Monitor
Flexitrace Pipe Tracer
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Protective overalls are invaluable to protect your body from heat, sparks, chemicals and any debris that may be encountered during work.
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Three types of mask offering protection against dust, water-based sprays, welding fumes, ozone and nuisance level odours. Ask for details.
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A variety of gauntlets, PVC, cotton and rigger gloves recommended to provide essential hand protection
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Thermal Imaging Infrared camera hire.

User can quickly identify heat loss in a building or any hot spots in equipment. Easily discover insulation problems and check heating system efficiency. Electricians can easily check overheating fuses, electrical problems, bearing or motor problems. Photos are taken which can be dowloaded for survey reports. 

The FLIR E6 is a feature rich thermal imaging camera for hire offering straight forward point and shoot operation that requires no prior thermal camera knowledge or experience. Despite being designed for beginners, the E6 offers better image quality and more advanced thermal analysis features than usually associated with entry-level cameras.

An increased image resolution of 160 x 120 pixels and the ability to detect temperature differences as small as 0.06C enables more accurate infrared images to be captured, packed full of valuable temperature data. The inclusion of a built-in digital camera means that digital images can also be taken and used for comparison and easier association of faults during the reporting phase. The E6 has room for storing up to 1000 digital and thermal images which can be transferred into inspection reports on a PC or Mac via the supplied USB cable. Built with a fixed 45 degree lens the FLIR E6 has a wider field of view than your average entry-level camera, enabling users to view taller or wider subjects from a shorter distance. Additionally the FLIR E6 is equipped with the advanced MSX imaging feature which provides even more image detail in real-time. By embossing a digital image onto the thermal image a sharper picture is achieved offering more texture and added detail.

Complete with a simplified user interface the FLIR E6 is a high performance thermal imager that provides excellent value for money in the inspection and maintenance of electrical, heating and plumbing installations including under floor heating, pipe work and radiators. FLIR E6 Resolution 160 x 120 pixel resolution The FLIR E6 image resolution is 160 x 120 pixels, allowing a range of valuable thermal information to be displayed to isolate faults. FLIR E6 Accuracy Temperature Range & Accuracy Detects 0.06°C temperature differences from -20 to 250°C with 2% accuracy.

FLIR E6 Digital Camera Built-in Digital Camera Visible light camera captures images for comparison and quicker fault location on thermal images. FLIR E6 MSX Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) New feature that produces a richer thermal image with even more texture and detail. FLIR E6 Picture in Picture Picture-in-Picture Overlay infrared images onto visible light images to quickly locate faults and anomalies. FLIR E6 Measurement Modes Measurement Functions Spotmeter, area with max/min, hot & cold spot recognition with colour alarm. FLIR E6 Image Gallery Thumbnail Gallery Easy access gallery allows users to quickly review captured infrared imagery. FLIR E6 Software Reporting & Analysis Software Included FLIR Tools software is available for free download, allowing comprehensive inspection reports to be generated.

Transport: Car
Description: Termal imaging infrared camera
Weight: 575g
Power: Rechargeable Li ion
Performance: Temp range -20c to 250c
General: Field of view 45d x 34d
Subject to availability. Model may vary.
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