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Ride-On Floor Scraper – Terminator Infinity

This ride-on floor scraper is the ideal machine to remove all types of flooring materials and adhesive with ease saving you time and money. This battery-powered machine lasts up to 8-12 hours per charge and is small enough to fit through standard doorways. It is also fitted with a 13″ blade allowing you to cover large areas in little time.


Code: 165105
Manufacturer: Bartell
Manufacturer Product Code: Terminator Infinity
Width: 67cm
Height: 119cm
Weight: 1114kg
Power: Battery
Size of Blade: 13"

Safety key

Protective Clothing
Protective Clothing

Protective overalls are invaluable to protect your body from heat, sparks, chemicals and any debris that may be encountered during work.

Safety Footwear
Safety Footwear

For essential toe protection, specific reinforced footwear designed to BSEN345 is recommended.

1 day £495.00
Extra day £150.00
Weekly £795.00
4 week £636.00p/w
* 4 week rate must be agreed at time of hire

Order Now for the weekend and return by Monday 10am and only pay for 1 day

Order Now and return by Monday 10am and only pay for 1 day

Hire Friday after 1pm and return by Monday 10am and only pay the 1 day rate.

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