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Floor Scraper – 5280

The 5280 Floor Scraper is a self-propelled machine that has an oscillating blade action that means it can remove the worst of today’s soft goods, such as glued-down floors, commercial carpet, sheet vinyl, vinyl composite tiles, lino and indoor and outdoor sports surfaces. The machine comes with a removable weight so that it becomes easier to transport and lift into a vehicle. It’s suitable for all size jobs, domestic, commercial and industrial, as it can cover up to 30 feet per minute. We can supply a 10ich heavy-duty flat blade with the machine for £24.50+vat, this blade is more than capable of tackling any job.

Additional items needed to use the machine:

5kVA transformer 32amp outlet

110V 32amp extension lead


Code: 165080
Manufacturer: National Flooring
Manufacturer Product Code: 5280
Width: 0.43m
Height: 0.99m
Weight: 119kg
Voltage: 110V 32 amp
Performance: 12-30 ft/min
Size of Blade: 350mm

Safety key

Ear Protection
Ear Protection

This symbol suggests the wearing of earplugs for short term use and more durable ear defenders to guard against more oppressive noise levels.

Eye Protection
Eye Protection

Grade 1 and Grade 2 Goggles to EN166.B, providing all round protection, the latter for less hazardous situations.

Face Mask
Face Mask

Three types of mask offering protection against dust, water-based sprays, welding fumes, ozone and nuisance level odours. Ask for details.

Protective Clothing
Protective Clothing

Protective overalls are invaluable to protect your body from heat, sparks, chemicals and any debris that may be encountered during work.

Safety Footwear
Safety Footwear

For essential toe protection, specific reinforced footwear designed to BSEN345 is recommended.

1 day £115.00
Extra day £50.00
Weekly £215.00
4 week £172.00p/w
* 4 week rate must be agreed at time of hire

Order Now for the weekend and return by Monday 10am and only pay for 1 day

Order Now and return by Monday 10am and only pay for 1 day

Hire Friday after 1pm and return by Monday 10am and only pay the 1 day rate.

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